Simple Holiday Craft Eggnog

It's the most wonderful time of the year and that means eggnogs! Undeniably, the drink that defines the holiday season, you either hate it or love it.

We can't think of another drink with as may variations in not only recipes but also technique in how it's made. Whether using a blender, whisk, stovetop, cocktail shaker or just a carton from the store, the variations are endless. However, we do believe that the best eggnogs are made using our innovative Watson shaker. The Watson shaker imparts a unique texture that's hard to replicate using other methods.

Here's our recipe! (although you could use a cocktail shaker to make it in the meantime before our Watson shaker is available for purchase)


- 2 oz or 60 ml Dark Rum or Cognac

- 1 oz or 30 ml half & half

- .5 oz or 15 ml Simple Syrup

- 1 Whole Egg


- Combine ingredients in shaker

- Fill with ice

- Shake for 30 seconds

-Strain into cup

-Grate fresh nutmeg over top

-Garnish with a smoked cinnamon stick



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